quarta-feira, 1 de abril de 2009

"But every now and then
My heart gives in
To the hope the someday you'll change
Then alone I'll wake
To my own mistakes
That is just the foolish game

I'm tired
Tired of the fight
I'm tired of the lonely lonely lonely days
And the dark endless nights
You didn't think
'Cause you didn't know
That I'd find the strength to let
Let you go
I finally figured it out

I'm better off alone"

"Lonely lonely lonely days" é tão a minha cara. Drama queen! hehe

2 comentários:

Bu disse...

Sem duvida, melhor do que dizer "I'm better off alone" eh sentir isso... Eh demais! hehe =)

Paula disse...

Todo mundo tem pelo menos um pouco de drama queen rs